Your Dashboard

Once you log in you will arrive at the Dashboard. Each Dashboard consists of:

  1. Vision

  2. Ecosystem Plan

  3. Node Navigator

  4. Ecosystem Centre

On your header, you also have quick links to (except in the free account)

  1. All Sub-groups - can be edited in Ecosystem Centre to be named department/project as necessary

  2. My Sub-groups - Sub-group you have created or have been made a member of

  3. Plans - all Plans from all Sub-groups appear here

Please see the following two examples which show that you have the opportunity to personalise your account by adding a relevant background photo.

The Vision is the opportunity for you to outline what is at the heart of your organisation's sustainability plan. All details added to the Vision section are added to your reports and so it’s important to keep this up-to-date.

To edit the Vision:

  1. Select View on the Vision card on the Dashboard

  2. Select Edit View (top left of the page)

  3. Add details

Next on your Dashboard, you will see the option to see your ecosystem as an Organogram, to go to all Sub-groups or to the ones you are a member of (these will have been assigned by the account administrator).

Finally, you have the option to see all Plans, edit your Profile or access Resources such as the One Planet goals and guidance or tutorials.