Report Generator


Ecosystem Report Generator

Our platform offers three different report types to understand an organisation’s performance, alignment and interconnectedness. These reports can be generated at any point and used to review and share progress with stakeholders.

Reporting options:

  1. Performance report - view plan performance against Shared Indicators

  2. Activity report - view actions taken towards Shared Outcomes and Shared Indicators

  3. Document view report - view full plan

Subgroup Action Plan Reporting

Reporting options:

  1. Document view report - download in document view in your action plan. This report does not show the connected subgroups.

Report Generator

Connections overview

Shared Outcomes

Here you can:

  • See all Outcomes

  • See which Outcomes are connected to each other

  • See which Sub-groups have adopted a specific Outcome

  • Filter by Outcome

Shared Indicators

Here you can see:

  • all Indicators

  • which Indicators are connected to each other

  • which Sub-groups have adopted a specific Outcome


Here you can see:

  • all sub-groups and plans on the platform that are connected the ecosystem plan

Performance Reporting

Performance reporting is the main report you produce to view the overall performance of your organisation or project. This report pulls in information from all Shared Indicator or Shared Outcome that has been adopted into either a subgroup or stakeholder plan, as well as any information added directly into the Shared Indicator or Shared Outcome in the Ecosystem Plan. This allows you to on alignment and progress across all plans that are monitoring the Shared Indicators.

To produce this report, open the Ecosystem Centre, select Performance Reports once the Ecosystem Centre dashboard has loaded and you will see two buttons: Mindmap Overview and Report Editor.

Mind Map Overview will show you a view of your Ecosystem plan with the main focus of highlighting which Shared Indicators are attached to which specific Shared Outcomes and which action plans have adopted the Shared Indicators. On the right-hand-side of the page you can select which Shared Outcome you would like to view. This functions as filtering, similar to being able to filter the mindmap by a sustainable principle in other plans.

Report Editor is where you go to create your Ecosystem Performance Report. Selecting Report Editor will take you to a document view of your ecosystem plan, but you have added features: Filter Report and Manage Reports.

Filtering Report is where you go to create a more tailored report before selecting Generate Report. Once the filtering has opened up you have the option of creating different reports that are most useful to you.

Filtering includes:

  • By Sub-group

  • By Sustainable Principle

  • By Shared Outcome

  • By Shared Indicator

  • Choose what additional data you would like included

Options could be creating a report which focuses on one principle across all departments or more specifically one Shared Indicator across all subgroups but only includes Progress in the additional data to focus the report on the use of the Progress/Traffic light bar and relevant updates.

Things to remember are

  • to select your preferred lens before opening up the filtering

  • set the date for the time period you would like the report to focus on

Manage Reports is where reports are stored once they have been generated. Reports are stored here until they are deleted. They can be easily deleted as necessary. A report should not take more than two minutes to be created. If that is not the case, please get in touch with us and we will investigate.

Activity Reports

Activity Reports also have the options of Mind map Overview and Report Editor.

Mindmap Overview shows you which projects have adopted which Shared Outcomes and which Shared Indicators and allows you to see this

per Outcome.

Report Editor allows you to create a report pulling in all information that has been linked to an adopted Shared Indicator in any sub-group or

stakeholder plan – this allows you to see and track all of the Actions that are being implemented across a project.

To put this another way, when a Shared Indicator or Shared Outcome is adopted into a plan, and then another Node (Action, Indicator or

Outcome) is linked to that Shared Indicator or Shared Outcome, all of that information is pulled into the report. This can quickly become a lot

of information so this is mostly used for generating reports on current activity relating to specific Shared Indicators or Outcomes – though

any parameters can be set.

This report also gives you the option to filter, thereby creating a report which is most impactive to you and your needs for a particular meeting. Generated reports will be saved in the Manage Reports section.

Filtering in Document View

The filtering function in Document View allows you to create a customised report of an Action Plan in either Word, Excel or PDF format.


  1. Open an Action Plan -> Select ‘Document view’

  1. Select ‘Filter report'

Filtering options:

  • By Lens principle

  • By specific OAI

  • By Additional data

3. Click on the purple tick box to de-select the data you do not want to include in your report. Data elements that remain with a purple tick box will be included in the report.

4. Select ‘Apply selection’ to filter the report.

5. Select either ‘Generate PDF’, ‘Save as Word’ or ‘Save as Excel’ to download your filtered, customised report in your desired format.