We hope these short videos make using our platform even easier!

Let's start with an overview of the platform

Dashboard overview

What is on my Dashboard (and what is a Dashboard...)?

Ecosystem VS Action plan

There are different plans in my account?

Here are a few tips to manage your account

Adding a member

How can my colleagues join me? This is fun!

Creating a new subgroup

Subgroup = Department = Project (call them whatever you prefer)

Creating a new plan

I need more plans!

Let's continue with some basics

Adding a Shared Outcome

Shared what?

Adopting a Shared Outcome

And I can spread the love? <3

Adding OAIs in plans


Now the advice for pros: take full control of the platform!

The different views and lenses

I can see my data in different shapes and forms?! Cool

What is available in Additional Data

What is the point of that arrow?

Ecosystem centre

The place to see it all...

Performance report

Time to update on performance?