Action - what your company/department will do to achieve an Outcome

Action Plan - plan for a specific project/department. Contains Outcomes, Actions and Indicators. Can adopt Shared Outcomes from the Ecosystem Plan

Adoption - the inclusion of Shared Outcomes or Indicators (from the Ecosystem Plan) into an Action Plan

Alignment - ensuring the entire company works towards the Outcomes set in the vision, the Ecosystem Plan

Compliant - in accordance with rules or standards

Ecosystem Plan - the vision plan at company level. Contains Outcomes and Indicators. Can set Outcomes and Indicators as Shared for Action Plans to adopt

External Stakeholder - someone else who has an account but is not part of your company (a supplier or local authority for example)

Indicator - what you are going to track to ensure you reach your outcomes

Member - a user of your account, who is an employee of your organisation

Outcome - the objective your company/department wants to achieve

Report Generator - monitoring and reporting centre, where you can download performance and activity reports

Search Tool - a tool to help you find nodes throughout plans

Shared Indicator - Indicator of the Ecosystem Plan which Action Plans can adopt

Shared Outcome - Outcome of the Ecosystem Plan which Action Plans can adopt

Sub-group - a classification mode of your company. You could choose to call them department or any other word that makes sense to you

Traffic light bar/Progress bar - a simple tool to grasp in a glance the advancement of an Action or Indicator; a way to track compliance or alignment