These are currently the most asked questions from our clients. If your question isn't here. Please feel free to contact us at https://oneplanet.com/contact .

  1. What is a benchmark value?

  • It is a value that you find in Additional data for an indicator. It usually is the number that you are using as a reference. It could also be the minimum target you want to achieve.

  1. I’ve been asked to add information to the platform and I don’t know where to add my information?

  • Your information will relate to an action or indicator of the platform. Once you have found which one, bookmark them to find them quicker next time.

  1. Which sources should I add?

  • Sources are external documents you work on but relate to an action or indicator of the platform. That could be an Excel file or a link in your company cloud for example.

  1. Can a new lens be added to my account?

  • Of course! Get in touch with us and we will be happy to build your custom lens.

  1. How do I assign responsibility to any action or indicator?

  • At the moment, you cannot assign them and they need to be agreed outside of the platform. Staff can bookmark their actions and indicators to find them easily.

  1. I have added a user to my account, but they still can’t see the action plan. What’s going on?

  • Currently, you need to add the person as a new member in the Manage Team section (which is in the drop-down list at the top right of the screen). You will then be able to add them into the department and plan they need to edit or view.

  1. What do the colours on the Progress bar/Traffic light bar found in additional data represent?

Grey = Not relevant

Red = No alignment yet

Orange = A few measures of alignment

Yellow = Some measures of alignment

Light Green = Mostly aligned

Dark Green = Aligned

  1. What is the best way to update the Progress bar/Traffic light bar?

The Progress bar should be updated to reflect the alignment at the current point in time. This bar is pulled into the sub-group report and into the entire ecosystem report and so it is important to have the bar updated regularly. The bar can then be compared across reports and time periods, but mostly it is for your team to be able to review which actions still need to be completed in order for the bar to reflect positive progress in alignment.

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