Best Practices

Managing your team’s workflow

  • Using filtering and bookmarking to manage your responsibilities on the platform

  • When clicking on an action, you have the option to assign a person to that node

  • Focus on Shared Indicators and use adopted indicators filtering in Table View

Updating the Progress bar/Traffic light bar

The Progress bar should be updated to reflect the alignment at the current point in time. This bar is pulled into the sub-group report and into the entire ecosystem report and so it is important to have the bar updated regularly. The bar can then be compared across reports and time periods, but mostly it is for your team to be able to review which actions still need to be completed in order for the bar to reflect positive progress in alignment.

Should a node not need the Progress bar, the cursor can be set on the neutral grey spot.

Advanced tips

To connect two ecosystems: click on the ecosystem plan to open the plan's dashboard and then “invite to connect” in the box on the right. The invited ecosystem will get a notification and when accepted, will be able to adopt the shared outcomes and indicators from your ecosystem plan.

We do offer other lenses like BCORP, GRESB and WELLs or can build custom company lenses.

Before deleting a shared outcome or indicator in the ecosystem plan, you have to delete it in the plans that have adopted it.