Solution Services

OnePlanet offers complete Solutions for customers. We can support you in developing your Plan and integrating the data into the platform,training key staff in the ongoing management on the platform, and providing on-going support and training.

These services are built on our Pro-connect ecosystem platform. This uses the same functionality as the Free Ecosystem account with added functionality. The basis of the service is an Ecosystem Plan, but with Shared Outcomes and Shared Indicators can be allocated between departments as well as to external stakeholders.

The service also provides data management and integration as well as different dashboards of progress against Outcomes and Indicators for different audiences.

OnePlanet is also developing algorithms that will enable us to derive insights to streamline process and procedures and further embed sustainability into our customer’s core business.

We deliver our solutions through a four step process:

  1. Discovery – we work with you to identify what you really want to achieve, and how we can support you to achieve these outcomes.

  2. Development – based on your requirements we build and test the system.

  3. Implementation – train staff, integrate into your existing process and procedures and provide ongoing support

  4. Insights – streamline and enhance your business process from the learnings derived from the use of the platform.

Have any questions?

We here to help, please feel free to send us an email with any questions you may have!