Ecosystem Package

At the core of the OnePlanet functionality is the ability to create and visualise connections. Ecosystem Packages apply this functionality to connect Plans, allowing different Plans to contribute to a single Shared Outcome. This is where all your work in understanding your context really adds value.

An example of how this works is big company or a city or region. If the city or region has set an Outcome to say to have reduced carbon emissions by 80% by 2030 from buildings. This we call a Shared Outcome. Achieving this requires collaboration of the municipality, different departments, building owners, tenants, businesses, schools, energy companies etc. All of these organisations can develop a Plan to contribute to this Outcome and see how they are working together to achieve the Outcome. The same approach can be applied to Outcomes related to sustainable transport, healthy food etc.

The Ecosystem approach on the OnePlanet platform allows different Departments and Organisations to collaborate across many Shared Outcomes.

Free Ecosystem

The structure of the Free Ecosystem (‘Vision Connect’) Package is simple. A shared central vision, an ‘Ecosystem Plan’ is created which is made up of Outcomes These Outcomes can be set as ‘Shared’. The Account Manager can then invite relevant stakeholders to Connect to the Ecosystem Plan - ie the shared vision.

Once they have accepted the invitation to Connect then they can then Adopt any of the Shared Outcomes. If they are creating a Plan from scratch they can Adopt any of the Shared Outcomes that are relevant to them, and then add Actions to them to start showing how they will contribute to the Shared Outcome. They then complete their own Plan by adding their own OAIs.

The Account manager can then view all of the stakeholder organisations that have Connected to the Ecosystem Plan, how they are contributing to the Shared Outcomes. They can also invite all connected stakeholder organisations to view this information also.

This enables all of the organisations to contribute to the Shared Outcome or shared vision, and to learn from and collaborate with each other.

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