Advanced Packages

Pro package

The Pro package is a multi-user package, allowing two users to create and edit a Plan. The main account holder can add information about the organisation and invite another user, who needs to create a Free account, to join the organisation and edit the plan.

The Pro account also allows you to create a second Plan – for example for a new project, different site or campus or department.

Consultancy package

For individuals or companies who wish to use the OnePlanet platform to assist their clients they can create a Consultant or Consultancy account.


With a Consultant account you are able to create accounts on the behalf of your clients. You can manage these accounts, or when required hand them over to your client. A consultant can create and manage up to 10 Plans for 10 clients.

In the Consultant account you also have the ability to duplicate and move Plans between clients. This allows you to create templates for different types of clients, or for a single client.


The consultancy account is a multi-user consultancy account for up to five users. Allowing the 5 users to create 50 plans and clients. The admin for the account is responsible for inviting the four other members to the shared account.

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