Actions and Indicators

Monitoring and Stories

The OnePlanet framework enables you to:

  • Track the implementation of your Plan

  • Monitor your progress both qualitatively and quantitatively

  • Tell your Stories to engage internal and external stakeholders and to celebrate your success.

Once an Action and Indicator has been set up you can add more information in Mindmap View on the relevant flyout and field.


Actions can be discrete, such as change all lightbulbs, or continuous, education of staff. In either form they can be tracked on the platform. In Mindmap View you can:

  • Add more information on who is responsible, the status and target completion date. Completed Actions can either be deleted or simply left but marked completed.

  • Attach a source if you want to provide further information, such as a contract, tender or a report.

  • On the ‘additional data’ flyout you can add:

    • Notes on progress – where an Action is continuous or long term notes on progress can be added here

    • Overall progress report and traffic light

    • Stories with an image of newsworthy progress. These can be posted to Document view, our Showcase page of ‘Futuremakers’ and social media (in development).

Stories are particularly important for bringing your Action Plan to life and helping increase engagement amongst your key stakeholders.

We recommend you make your Actions as SMART as possible (Specific, Measurable, Accountable, Realistic and Timebound).

Additional data

Progress updates



Indicators can be tracked in a similar fashion as Actions on the Mindmap View you can:

  • Attach a source, for data this can be linking directly to the data source such as Excel spreadsheet

  • On the ‘additional data’ flyout you can add:

    • Monitoring data; the unit, target value and date and also the performance data

    • Notes on progress – if there are specific reasons for a change in progress you can add that here

    • Overall progress report and traffic light

    • Stories with an image and caption


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