Advanced plan features

We’re bringing out new stuff all the time, this is where we put that information.


In Mindmap view, you can filter nodes in two different lenses. Click on the Filter button on the top right. The primary lens is the one the Mindmap is currently in. Click on Secondary and choose a second lens. In both lens, pick the principles you need. The result of the intersection between the principles of the two lenses will be shown in the Mindmap.

Guidance tab

To add data to an Action or Indicator, click on the node, scroll towards the bottom of the pop up window and click on Additional Data. You can add data on different tabs: Guidance, Progress Updates and Stories for the Actions. Indicators also have Monitoring and Charts.
The guidance tab is where you can add benchmark, standards, additional background you want to provide people. This won't appear in your report.

Progress bar

Not all Actions or Indicators are on a timeline. In that case, you can place the cursor on the neutral grey slot.

To find the Progress update tab, click on a node in Mindmap view and then on Additional Data or the eye icon in Table view.

Copy-pasting charts

When clicking on the pen icon, you can either upload the chart or paste it after having copied it on your Excel spreadsheet.